62054: Acronis Disaster Recovery Service: Agents and Management Console manual update guide (50420)

Last update: 22-11-2018

This document is composed by Acronis Disaster Recovery Service technical support and intended for Acronis Disaster Recovery Service customers who are using Acronis Backup Advanced 11.x transport. The document describes the manual update procedure for Acronis Backup Advanced 11.7 Update 1 Hotfix 1 (build 50214) and  11.7 Update 1 Hotfix 2 (50220) to Update 1 Hotfix 5 (50420) for the Acronis Disaster Recovery Service customers.

It is recommended to follow the manual update procedure in these scenarios:

  • When updating Acronis Backup Agent and its components within the OS is needed for small groups of protected servers.
  • When updating Windows Domain controllers and Microsoft Exchange/SQL servers protected with application-aware specific Acronis agents.
  • When any other update procedure is undesired or not applicable.

Windows Agents update

Prepare for the update

You need Windows Administrator privileges to perform the update.

Please keep in mind that in some rare cases you may be prompted to restart the server after Acronis Backup Agent update. The restart can be postponed, still it is recommended to have a maintenance window available for it to complete at the earliest.

If you have any additional specific application-aware Acronis agents installed on a server no additional steps are required. They will be updated automatically.

Windows Agents and Management Console update

  1.  Download the installation file AcronisBackupAdvanced_11.7N_50420_en-US.exe from this link and copy it to the server where the previous Acronis Backup Agent version is installed.
  2. Run the installation file with Administrator privileges.
  3. On the first screen choose Install Acronis Backup:
  1. Accept license agreement and click Next:
  1. Click Update:
  1. Check the summary screen and click Update button to start the process. Make sure that the current Version is 11.7.50214 or 11.7.50220 (or older builds: 11.7.50212, 11.7.44190). If your build differs from the list, please use another guide.
  1. Wait for the operations to complete.
  1. Check the update results and click Finish.

Linux Agents update

  1. You need the root account to perform the update. Also all the preparation steps from this page should be met, but considering that you already have a previous Agent version installed on the server – there shouldn’t be an issue.

  2. Download the installation file AcronisBackupAdvancedAgentL_11.7N_50420_en-US.i686 on this link or AcronisBackupAdvancedAgentL64_11.7N_50420_en-US.x86_64 on this link depending on your server OS architecture and copy it to the server where the previous Acronis Backup Agent version is installed.
  3. Run chmod 755 AcronisBackup* command in the directory with the downloaded installation file.
  4. Run the downloaded installation file as root.
  5. Wait for the update to complete.


In case of any issues during the update procedures, please take a screenshot and contact Acronis Disaster Recovery Support using your DR Console account.