62009: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Web Restore access failure

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Last update: 30-04-2021


When trying to access Web Restore console with specific credentials you may receive an error message:

The server is not available at the moment. Please try again later.


Below are the steps to determine the most common issues for Web Restore access errors.

Access to Web Restore console is available only if you log in with end-user's account, but not with Partner's.

Determine the affected Storage

  • Locate the affected user in the Account Management Console: search the user by login name.
  • Open the Settings tab and select Locations.
  • The customer group is assigned a single Storage as a Default location

Check if custom Web Restore is used

Default Web Restore is hosted on Acronis Data Center but customers may set up their own Web Restore tool using these instructions.

If the Storage is registered on a partner level and uses a non-default Web Restore address, you can check it under Storage settings on the corresponding Partner group.

If custom Web Restore is used, make sure to double-check the instructions and make sure that everything is set up correctly.

For Partner-hosted Storage: make sure the Storage is open for external connections

Storage uses port 44445 by default. The simplest way to check if access is open is to run a telnet command from the external network.

telnet mystorage.domain.com 44445

If the command returns blank output it means the connection is successful. If the error is received it's likely that external connections via port 44445 are not open on the Storage - in this case Web Restore will be unable to access the Storage as well and will return errors. Ensure the connections through 44445 for external sources are open and retry the procedure.

Collect information and contact support

If the issue persists after completing all of the above steps, please contact Acronis Support.

When raising a ticket with support please provide results of the troubleshooting steps above and HAR log (see KB 58514 - Collecting HAR Log)