61930: [Fixed] Acronis Cyber Backup: ESXi configuration backup fails with "too many SQL variables" or "Command definition 'SELECT ...' not found."

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  1. You have a large vSphere environment, with several ESXi hosts and 1000+ virtual machines
  2. You install Agent for VMware and connect it to vCenter.
  3. You try to run a ESXi configuration backup for a host and the backup fails with one of the following errors:

    too many SQL variables


    Command definition 'SELECT ... '  not found.

Example of error log:

| error 0x1: too many SQL variables
| line: 0xf2f0816424d78491
| file: e:\235\enterprise\common\db\sqlite\sqlite_database.cpp:123
| function: Data::Sqlite::SqliteFacade::Prepare
| $module: dml_sqlite_addon_vsa64_10330


Issue in the product. 


In Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud, the issue has been fixed in version 7.8 update 2.

In Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5, this issue has been fixed in Update 4 (Build 12730), please update to the latest build.

As a workaround without updating, connect the Agent for VMware directly to the ESXi host you are backing up, instead of the vCenter Server. See product documentation for instructions on changing the existing association with vCenter Server.