61918: [Fixed] Acronis Cyber Backup: Applying retention fails with "DML: Logic Error: More than one match found" or "16515110 Pattern: Root (Composite) [Is (Common::String) = DMS::BackupLocation]" error

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A backup plan fails on applying retention rules and you receive one of the following errors:

DML: Logic Error: More than one match found.


| error 0xfc0026: 16515110
| Pattern:  Root (Composite)
| [Is (Common::String) = DMS::BackupLocation]
|  ID (Composite)
|  StorageUri (Common::String) = avfs:/online?account...


There are duplicate entries about Backup Location in local Agent database that leads to retention rules failure


To resolve the issue, remove the Agent from Management Server and run a special script that will clear the local databases to avoid duplicates. After you re-add the machine to Management Server, Agent will obtain the necessary configuration data from it automatically.

Perform the following steps on the Agent that causes the error:

  1. Delete the agent from Management Server: go to System Settings > Agents, select the agent and click Delete on the menu on the right
  2. Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud: starting with version 7.8 update 2, the script is placed into Acronis folder along with Acronis Agent installation.
    Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5: starting with Update 4 (Build 12730) the script is installed with the product and can be found at Program Files\Acronis\PyShell\site-tools\change_machine_id.py
    If you are using an older build, download the script: click here.
  3. Clear the local databases using the script: 


4. Register the agent on the Management Server again: see How to manually add a machine to management server. After adding the machine, you will need to apply backup plans to the machine again.

If the problem reproduces after applying this solution, please collect a system report from the Agent where the issue occurs (see instructions for Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5 here and for Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud here) and contact Acronis Customer Central with a reference to this article.