6181: Acronis Backup & Recovery 10: Exporting Archives and Backups

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You can export backups or archives from a managed or unmanaged vault, or from a local or a network folder

This article applies to:

All Acronis Backup & Recover Editions starting from Build 11345


The export operation can be applied to:

  • a single archive - an exact archive copy will be created
  • a single backup - an archive consisting of a single full backup will be created. The export of an incremental or a differential backup is performed using consolidation of the preceding backups up to the nearest full backup
  • your choice of backups belonging to the same archive - the resulting archive will contain only the specified backups. Consolidation is performed as required, so the resulting archive may contain full, incremental and differential backups.

You can perform the export operation from Acronis Management Server or from Acronis Management Console connected to a local or remote Acronis Agent.


  1. Connect to Acronis Management Server (available only in Advanced Editions) or to Acronis Agent (local or remote);
  2. Select Export backup:

  3. Select what you would like to export (an archive or a backup):

  4. Click Change next to Archive and select the archive from the available storage sources:

    The backups or archives can be exported from managed valuts, unmanaged vaults, local or network folders, FTP or SFTP servers, storage nodes or tape drives.

  5. Select where to export and click OK to run the export task.

More information

The resulting archive's name:

By default, the exported archive inherits the name of the original archive. Because having multiple archives of the same names in the same location is not advisable, the following actions are disabled with the default archive name:

  • exporting part of an archive to the same location
  • exporting an archive or part of an archive to a location where an archive of the same name exists
  • exporting an archive or part of an archive to the same location twice

If you need to redo the same export, make sure you have renamed the exported archive or deleted it.

The resulting archive's options:

The exported archive inherits the options of the original archive, including encryption and the password. When exporting a password-protected archive, you are prompted for the password. If the original archive is encrypted, the password is used to encrypt the resulting archive.

See also Acronis Backup & Recovery 10: Importing Archives and Backups.