61809: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Time settings on the Acronis Storage cause miscommunication with Agents

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Last update: 01-05-2020

Applies to: on-premise Storage setup only.


  1. Your Customer uses own Storage software
  2. Their End-Users start receiving the following error upon backup:

sslv3 alert bad certificate 

Optional symptoms

The following errors may also occur but they are not a direct indication of TLS issues:

1. Error "The password for the protected backup is incorrect" upon backup or browsing of the archives 

2. Recovery issue from bootable media - Customer is getting prompted for an encrypted password. The password they're attempting you use doesn't work and cannot cancel the prompt.


 The root cause lies within the fact that the certificates that are received by the Agent are not correctly functioning with the storage.

That can be caused by the fact that the Storage Nodes are out-of-sync in terms of time settings.


To fix the certificate issue please sync the time on all nodes in the Acronis Storage installation with “pool.ntp.org”.

If you face the recovery issue with bootable media, as a workaround you can use a valid certificate on the bootable media. See instructions below.