61805: Acronis Cyber Backup: Manual registration fails with "Registration failed because the 'Managed Machine Service' could not be reached on localhost" or "The registration failed because due to a problem on the Management Server" on Linux

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Operating Systems: 

Last update: 09-06-2021

This article applies to Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5 in Cloud Deployment


You faced an issue with the registration of the Agent during the automatic installation and try to use the instruction from the article 55244: Registering Backup Client Manually

The RegisterAgent tool gives you an error:

[root@CGJC012 RegisterAgentTool]# ./RegisterAgent -o register -t cloud -a https://cloud.acronis.com -u username -p password
Error 0x2470001: HTTP transfer error
| line: 0xcbd08862963188d2
| file: e:/271/enterprise/common/http/curl_transport.cpp:285
| function: PerformRequest
| requestType: POST
| uri: http://localhost/api/mms/registration
| port: 0xa8e2
| curlResult: 0x7
| $module: register_agent_lxa64_10790
| error 0x2260007: couldn't connect to host at localhost:43234
| line: 0xcbd08862963188d1
| file: e:/271/enterprise/common/http/curl_transport.cpp:284
| function: PerformRequest
| $module: register_agent_lxa64_10790

OR in Linux

The registration failed due to a problem on the Management Server. Either the backup service on this machine could not access the Management Server or the server returned an error response. Please make sure that the Management Server is accessible through the network and try again.


After you have received such error, check the points below:

1. Acronis MMS is running

service acronis_mms status

2. No crash event were registered in /var/log/messages for acronis_mms (or just mms)

Syslog contains segfaults for the respective Acronis service.

/var/log/messages of the machine would contain a message which looks like:

                Nov 22 08:39:32 localhost kernel: mms[15295]: segfault at 0 ip
00007ffe6210fa79 sp 00007fff87d2a7e0 error 4 in libDiskBundle.so[7ffe6143c000+240f000]"


3. Firewalld is stopped or there are no rules to block the port 43234

service firewalld status

4. Port 43234 is not used by other processes

netstat -tulnp | grep 43234

5. Localhost responds to ping

 Try to ping localhost and see if it succeeds.

6. Localhost listens on port 43234

If all the above points were checked, please try troubleshooting the localhost connection. Run the following commands:

telnet localhost 43234

telnet 43234

If the telnet connection to localhost is reported as refused, but the telnet connection on IP address is working -  the RegisterAgent tool will fail with the above error.

To resolve the issue please modify the /etc/hosts file to resolve the localhost to address.


$ vi /etc/hosts localhost

After the change the file may look like below:

$ cat /etc/hosts

::1         localhost localhost.localdomain localhost6 localhost6.localdomain6 localhost