61777: Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5: Hyper-V replica virtual machine is inconsistent after recovery

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Last update: 30-04-2021


  1. You have native Hyper-V Replication set up: the VM is replicated between 2 or more Hyper-V hosts
  2. You back up the replica machine (VM2)
  3. You perform entire VM recovery from this backup into original replica machine (VM2)
  4. After recovery, the previously enabled Hyper-V VM replication is now replicating changes from VM1 inconsistently, since it assumes that VM2 (replica) has state different than the one it is after recovery.


Issue in general Hyper-V replication workflows which are not designed to sustain major changes made in replica VM outside of regular replication operations.


Do not restore backups of Hyper-V replicas back into original location.

If you did so, then you need to re-enable Hyper-V VM replication - this will result in re-creation of replica VMs

The backups of Hyper-V replica VMs can recovered to original virtual machine (VM1) or into a new virtual machine.