61772: Acronis True Image 2019 and 2020: Message "Format/resize error" when creating Survival Kit

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Check the disk for errors


  1. You attempt to create Survival Kit on an external USB disk
  2. Survival Kit creation fails with the following error:

    A format/resize error.
    File system error is found. Consider checking the disk using Check Disk Utility.


Disk contains errors and/or bad sectors.


Run Check Disk utility to fix errors on your disk:

  1. Go to Start -> Search -> type "cmd"; you should see Command Prompt in the results. Right-click on Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator
  2. Type following command: chkdsk <driveletter>: /f /r

    where <driveletter> is the letter assigned to the external drive, e.g. chkdsk D: /f /r

Some hard drive manufacturers also provide diagnostic utilities for checking drive health and fixing errors; these utilities can also be used to resolve the issue. Check your external hard drive's manufacturer's website for more information.

More information

It is not recommended to use a disk with errors for storing backups, as this may lead to backup corruption.