61698: Acronis Backup: backup fails with "Internal error: An expression test has failed"

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Backup fails with:

Internal error: An expression test has failed.

| error 0x26f0067: A generic error of System state backup component.
| line: 0x94f5f955b13dde8a
| file: e:\216\enterprise\applications\managers\gtob\backuper.cpp:198
| function: `anonymous-namespace'::ApplicationBackupProcess::Execute
| IsReturnCode: 0x1
| $module: SystemStateAgentProvider_vsa64_10330
| error 0x2770191: Failed to back up the system state.
| line: 0x9b358c6e703de363
| file: e:\216\enterprise\applications\system_state\managers\gtob\backuper\src\backuper.cpp:94
| function: `anonymous-namespace'::SystemStateBackupServiceProvider::ExecuteBackup
| IsReturnCode: 0x1
| $module: SystemStateAgentProvider_vsa64_10330
| error 0x15d0323: Failed to execute a task.
| line: 0xa14d72eeb8f971ae
| file: e:\216\enterprise\applications\include\common\concurrency\task.h:51
| function: AppBackup::Concurrency::Task::Execute
| $module: SystemStateAgentProvider_vsa64_10330
| error 0x15d001f: Internal error: An expression test has failed.
| line: 0xde48f7195fcd16a
| file: e:\216\enterprise\applications\archiving\archivers\common\split_file\src\items_reader.cpp:243
| function: `anonymous-namespace'::PrefetchingSequentialFileItemsReader::FetchCurrentBunch
| Expression: CurrentChunks->IsValid()
| $module: SystemStateAgentProvider_vsa64_10330


Issues in old backup format (version 11 backup format).


We recommend leaving this backup for recovery purposes and creating a new backup plan with newer version backup format (version 12):

  1. Click Add backup plan.
  2. After selecting backup source, destination and schedule, click the gear icon.
  3. Navigate to Backup format and select Version 12.
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