61695: Acronis True Image: Apple Beta Software support

Last update: Thu, 2020-08-20 11:50

Acronis True Image does not support beta builds of macOS. Although, Acronis True Image usually works on beta builds, you might experience issues when using our software with these versions of macOS .

As stated in the Apple Beta Software Program Agreement, participants of Apple Beta Software Program are volunteers who receive alpha, beta and other types of pre-release software. This means that these new builds of operating system that you receive through this program are still in development and testing and are not production-ready yet and may not function as well as commercially released software. These builds are not as stable as the official release builds are and may have issues that affect the software installed on these  versions. During the test period, Apple fixes many of the issues within the operating system and thus the software issues may be resolved as well.

We do test our software on beta builds internally, however, thorough tests are made on the late beta builds and release candidate. For Acronis True Image, we can state the official support of a new macOS only after its official release.