61692: Acronis Backup Advanced: Tool for finding backups in offline managed vault

Last update: 29-08-2018

Instructions on finding backups in an offline managed vault


You might face a situation when the Storage Node is offline and there is no possibility to attach a managed vault to a new Storage Node, however you need to immediately access the backup files stored in this vault in order to perform recovery.

Instructions below will guide you through ABR_MetaLocator tool which will easily help you to navigate to the correct computers folder.

(!) It is impossible to restore backups from managed vault with deduplication without using the Storage Node.


  1. Download ABR_metalocator.zip tool and extract the archive
  2. Execute ABR_MetaLocator.exe on the Windows System where the Offline Vault is located.
  3. Click on Browse .Meta

  4. Navigate to the .Meta folder in your backup location, select it and click OK

  5. After you have clicked OK all files from the .meta folder will be loaded in the interface. You can now scroll and search for the correct machine. Select the machine that you need and click on Open Selected Machine

  6. Once you have clicked “Open Selected Machine” the windows explorer will open the backup folder of the selected machine where you can browse down to the correct backup file

  7. At this point you can continue with step 5 from Acronis Backup Advanced: Finding Backups in Offline Managed Vault

More information

1. The ABR_MetaLocator works only on Windows Operating Systems with installed Net Framework Version 4.5 or higher

2. If you have only the .meta folder locally without the computers folder, you will receive an error with information about the path.