61681: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Backup fails with "There is not enough free space" or "There is not enough free space in the backup destination"

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Last update: 26-07-2022


Backup fails with:

There is not enough free space or There is not enough free space in the backup destination or Disk is full


There is not enough space to save the backup file.


In the backup plan, check where the backup should be saved.

If the backup should be saved in cloud storage on your backup service provider premises:

Make sure the quota set for this user and the tenant it belongs to is not exceeded, see this article for details. Contact your service provider support for assistance if needed.

If the backup should be saved in local storage (internal hard drive, network share, NAS):
Connect to this destination and check how much space is left. Free up space in this location or select larger storage for the backups.

(!) Please note that in order to initiate the backup deletion/cleanup operation the backup location needs to have some unoccupied space. If possible, free storage space by moving or deleting other data.