61674: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: "There is no free space on Acronis Cloud Storage. Please upgrade the subscription. Otherwise, further backups will fail" error

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Last update: 15-10-2021


Backup to Cloud storage fails with error:

There is no free space on Acronis Cloud Storage. Used space: 670,3 GB; Storage quota: 450 GB. Please upgrade the subscription. Otherwise, further backups will fail.


The cloud storage quota is exceeded for '<username>'. Further backups will fail.


The cloud storage quota is exceeded either for the user specified in the error message, or for the above partner of customer group.


1. In Management Portal, check quotas for the user, tenant the user belongs to, and its' parent tenants. 

(!) if you have access only to Cyber Protection console, please contact your administrator and provide them details of the issue (error message, account ID that experiences the issue) and link to this article.

For example, a user named Billy Smith cannot perform backups to cloud storage.

You have checked quota for the user Billy Smith and made sure the quota is not exceeded (e.g. it is unlimited):

In the upper left corner you can see the tenant hierarchy: the user Billy Smith belongs to a client named 'The Smiths', which belongs to a partner named 'All the Smiths', and this belongs to 'Smiths Inc.'

Click 'All the Smiths' and check quota for this client:

You can notice that quota for the customer is set to zero. To enable backup to cloud storage for this customer's users you need to click the pencil icon and change quota for cloud storage.

Go through the hierarchy and check the quotas. In this example, you would need to change quota for 'All the Smiths' and 'Smiths Inc.'

2. It may take about two hours for the quotas to be properly applied in the system, depending on the load on the datacenter. If the quotas have been recently updated to be sufficient, but the error still reproduces, please wait for the changes to be applied.

If backup still fails with the same error after increasing quotas and the error message still shows the old quota value, this means that cloud certificate was not updated on the machine to reflect the quota change on Agent side. In this case, you can update the certificate manually.

If quotas have been changed to new values and the issue persists more than 2 hours after the change, please contact Acronis Support.