61668: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: local storage usage calculation

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Last update: 15-04-2020

Starting with version 7.7, local storage available to end-users is defined by Storage quota. Local storage includes the following backup destinations:

  • Local folders
  • Network folders
  • NFS folders
  • Secure Zone

Storage quota is the amount of space provided to a EUC or an account in a EUC for storing backups. If this value is exceeded, the group administrator and the administrators of the parent group will receive an email notification. By default, “Local backup” quotas for all existing customers and sub-partners are set to unlimited. You can adjust or disable quotas as described in this article.

Occupied local storage is calculated every 4 hours, aggregated by Customer group.

You can check occupied local storage on the Overview -> Usage tab of the management portal. The space marked as 'used' in the location (Cyber Protection console -> Backup storage) shows the space occupied by backups. You can also see how much available space is left.

The following operations in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud update local backup usage:

  • Manual and scheduled backup
  • Backup replication
  • Backup retention
  • Deletion of slice
  • Deletion of archive
  • Deletion of vault (backup location)

All deletion operations are tracked in the Activities tab with details about the size of data at the deletion time and the initiator of this operation.

Manual deletion of files from the file system (not from product interface) does not lead to local backup usage update. To update storage usage, navigate the Backups section, select the location, click the gear icon, and click Refresh. See detailed instructions in this article.

Local storage usage for a network share that is registered with different DNS names or IPs is counted multiple times: by the number of names of the share. See Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: local storage usage calculated twice

Local storage used on rotated local removable drives is included into calculation starting with version 7.8. Usage is counted as the size of backups stored on the drive used for the most recent backup.

Local storage used on clustered environments (ESXi, Hyper-V) is included into calculation starting with version 7.8.

Local storage used for Initial Seeding backups is not included into calculation.

Local storage used on rotated drives connected to another machine and registered in the solution as a CIFS/NFS share is calculated as the sum of backups on all individual drives. Each drive usage will be included into billing. We are planning to redesign this behavious. If you use this scenario, let support know (to raise priority). Meanwhile, use locally attached drives.