61551: Acronis Backup: how to reset credentials for SQL/Exchange

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Acronis Data Cloud allows backing up the applications directly.

Sometimes, the credentials specified during the installation/configuration need to be changed. This option will be implemented in the next versions of Acronis Backup Cloud. Until then please use the following steps to change the credentials.


Clear credentials:

1. Download gtobview.py and unpack it.

2. Navigate to C:\Program Files\BackupClient\PyShell\site-tools and rename the original gtobview.py file to gtobview_old.py.

3. Place the downloaded file to the same folder.

4. Open Windows command line.

5. Run the following command:
acropsh -m gtobview -s mms

6. You can reset the credentials for all or particular applications:

  • To reset all the applications-related credentials that were specified in our product initially use the command below:
  • To reset particular applications' credentials do the following:
    1. Run this command and note the value of to the application you need in the ('.Address', 'string', 'value') line:

Example output:
    ('.Address', 'string', 'sqlexpress'),
    ('.ID', 'guid', '654FCEFA-2ECE-EC4D-5CB8-ED7DFB92074B'),
    ('.ID^PrimaryKey', 'nil', None),
    ('.ID^Type', 'string', 'AccessManagement::ResolvedCredentialsEntry'),
    ('.IsPersistent', 'bool', 1),
    ('.Profile', 'guid', '23002D64-E4A6-493D-AA18-BEC82B304E98'),
    ('.ResourceType', 'dword', 4),
    ('.UserName', 'string', 'corp\\admin'),
    ('^Is', 'string', 'AccessManagement::ResolvedCredentialsEntry'),

2. Reset credentials for the specific application:

For SQL database backup:
cred-reset ms_sql <value>
where <value> is the value you have noted in step 6.1

Example:  cred-reset ms_sql sqlexpress

For Exchange:
cred-reset ms_exchange <value>
where <value> is the value you have noted in step 6.1

For application-aware entire machine backup:
cred-reset machine <value>
where <value> is the value you have noted in step 6.1

7. Restart Acronis Managed Machine Service: Start -> in Search, type services.msc -> locate Acronis Managed Machine Service and click Restart service.

8. Edit the application settings in the application-aware backup plan, and you will be prompted for credentials. Enter the credentials in the form "domain\user"

9. Remove gtobview.py (the downloaded one) from C:\Program Files\BackupClient\PyShell\site-tools

10. Rename gtobview_old.py (the original one) back to gtobview.py

Additional info

If you need assistance, please contact Acronis Customer Central referring to this article and provide the output of the commands in a txt file.

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