61474: Acronis Cyber Backup: Enabling debug logs for scheduler on Virtual Appliance

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    Last update: 23-06-2021


    Acronis Support may ask you to enable debug logs for scheduler on the Virtual Appliance for troubleshooting purposes.

    To enable scheduler debug logs, you need to modify the following file on Virtual Appliance:


    Find the following lines:

      <value name="LogLevel" type="TString">

    And change the value to 130:

      <value name="LogLevel" type="TString">

    You can edit the file on Acronis Cyber Backup Appliance using WinSCP utility or use vi text editor.


    After you reproduce the issue, logs can be found in:


    Сollect system information from the virtual appliance after reproducing the issue; this folder will be included automatically.

    After collecting the necessary diagnostic information, change the value back to 0 .