61470: Acronis Backup 12.5: tibx files are not removed after deleting a recovery point

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Last update: 15-02-2019


Archive 12 format is a main archive type for Acronis Backup 12.5. It is used to back up any data, including mobile data, applications, application-aware backup, MacOS, Oracle DB etc

It is a single .tibx file for each backup chain: Full or Differential + all Incremental files that depend on it

Metadata is stored inside the archive, checksummed and verified (there is no separate xml file for metadata).

The initial backup file will be named as [Machine Name]-[Plan ID]-[Unique ID]A.tibx

If a full or differential backup is created, it will create additional backup file for this full or differential backup and all incremental backups appended to it

[Machine Name]-[Plan ID]-[Unique ID]A-0001.tibx

[Machine Name]-[Plan ID]-[Unique ID]A-0002.tibx

[Machine Name]-[Plan ID]-[Unique ID]A-0003.tibx  etc

Files on backup storage do not represent recovery points that are seen in Management Console: instead, each recovery point of the archive that is shown in console represents a slice in a .tibx file. When you delete a recovery point via product interface, the slice is marked for deletion. Only when all slices from the current volume are marked for deletion will the appropriate .tibx file be deleted on storage.

Note that the archive containing initial full backup will not be deleted even after all archives of this inital backup are subject to deletion. This archive will remain at backup destination and have a size of 12KB or similar. This file must be kept at backup destination in order for the archive to be consistent. Do not delete this archive manually, it is required for proper functioning of other backups in the chain

It is expected behavior that the number of .tibx files on the storage can remain the same after you delete a recovery point. All changes happen inside the .tibx file

Do not delete files on storage directly as this can disrupt the archive structure and make the archive unusable.

If you need to free up some space on the storage, keep in mind the following:

  • Delete a slice(recovery point) from the last chain or single chain of backups; this works for all locations except tapes
  • If file system where the archive is stored supports sparse (punch hole) feature, then sparse will be used automatically to decrease archive file size on disk. Sparse is available for Acronis Storage, local/network NTFS volumes, most of local file systems on Linux. 

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