61433: Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud: Disaster Recovery Storage usage

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Last update: Tue, 2018-09-25 13:49

The management console shows two main offerings related to storage usage:

  1. Cloud storage. It might be Acronis or Partner-owned storage.
  2. Disaster Recovery storage.

The difference between those two types of storages: the cloud storage is the cold storage which purpose is keeping the archives and regularly restoring from Acronis cloud, while the Disaster Recovery storage is a faster storage which is supposed to be used for the Disaster Recovery product. There always will be a difference in the occupied space on these storages, like on the picture below:

The cloud storage contains all the archives of the servers backed up to the cloud. Any archive usually contains a compressed data and a backup agent does not back up free space on disks, swap, and OS hibernate files, so the base full backup will be smaller than the sum of disks of the original server.

The Disaster Recovery storage is used by:

  • Primary server
    It takes the space actually used by the virtual machine, not provisioned (we use thin disks):
  • Recovery server
    It take the space required for the Recovery server to run for the Failover or Test failover actions. That is bigger than the appropriate full backup size, but smaller than actual server disks size. It is the sum of the used space across all disks of the server, that are protected by a backup plan to the cloud storage.