61377: Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5: Recovered RedHat 7.2 fails to start if one of dynamic volumes was not backed up

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Last update: 30-04-2021


  1. You create the backup of a machine with LVMs and back up all volumes except for one.
  2. You want to restore the machine from this backup. During backup task configuration, you choose to restore all backed up information (volume level restore) and apply LVM configuration.
  3. You try to boot the recovered machine. The machine fails to boot normally. During OS booting, you can see "failed to mount /partition" error messages, and then you are prompted to enter emergency mode:
  4. You check the fstab file and notice that is contains a line like:
    /dev/mapper/<absent partition> /mnt/test               ext4    defaults        1 2


Issue is under investigation.

During the recovery operation, the original LVM structure is recreated during the Apply RAIDs operation (together with volume which is absent in backup).  The record for the absent volume presents in the /etc/fstab configuration file (the file was recovered from backup) despite the fact that the volume is absent in the backup and its file system was not restored. As result init scripts try to mount volume with absent file system and switch in runlevel 1.


Acronis development team is working on the issue. Meanwhile, comment or delete the record of the absent volume in /etc/fstab.

You can do it either in GUI or using command.

For example, in GUI:

  1. Boot the machine with any Linux bootable media, for example, with CentOS bootable media.
  2. Select Utilities -> Disks.
  3. Find the boot volume and mount it.
  4. Navigate to /etc and open fstab.
  5. Find the record of the absent partition:
    dev/mapper/<absent partition> /mnt/test               ext4    defaults        1 2
  6. Comment (set #) or delete this record.
  7. Save changes and exit.
  8. Restart the machine.

The machine should boot successfully now.