61359: Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5: Troubleshooting "Internal Server Error" message

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    Last update: 03-09-2020


    You try to add a machine to Management Server or switch between tabs in web console. You receive the following message:

    Internal Server Error

    Code: 100011

    You can also check the message in the error details to get more information about the issue.


    This is a generic error message that can be caused by various environment issues.


    This error message usually appears when connection between Acronis Cyber Backup components could not be established for some reason. Follow instructions below to eliminate the most common causes for this error:

    1. In some situations, a security program like virus scanner or other security suites blocks the functionality of the product. Make sure Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5 is whitelisted in your security software: see this article for instructions
    2. Check that your web browser is supported: see product documentation for the list of supported web browsers
    3. Check that ports that Acronis Cyber Backup uses for communication are not blocked by firewall: see Firewall settings for Acronis products for the full list of ports used by Acronis Cyber Backup. Usually Acronis Cyber Backup opens the necessary ports during installation, but it is possible that some ports are used by a different software or blocked by firewall.
    4. Check Windows Event Log for crashes of Acronis Cyber Backup services mms and service_process (full list of services can be found in this article.) If one of these services crashes, collect a system report, log of the operation that caused the crash and gather a crash dump as described in Acronis Software: Troubleshooting Application Crashes . Contact Acronis Support with the collected information

     If the issue persists after verifying all points listed above, please collect the following information and contact Acronis Support with a reference to this article:

    1. Collect a HAR log with the issue reproduced
    2. Process Monitor log
    3. System information from the machine where the issue occurs: see this article for instructions

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