61292: Acronis Storage Gateway: “Failed to apply retention rules” warning or “The operation is not supported” error

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With Acronis Storage 1.x products receiving End of Life status you need to migrate over to the latest 2.x Acronis Storage version to continue receiving product updates and support.

This article is intended for the partners who use Acronis Storage Gateway 1.x as the hybrid storage solution for the clients’ Acronis Cloud backups.

Failed to apply retention rules” warning message when the backup plan finishes or “The operation is not supported” error in backup plan execution log indicates that Acronis Storage Gateway has encountered the incompatibility issue with version 12 archive.

After Acronis Cyber Cloud platform 7.7 update, all new backup plans are created by default with the newer version 12 archive format.

Acronis Storage Gateway 1.x is a legacy product and it does not fully support applying the retention policies for version 12 archives.

The recommended solution for the issue is to migrate your hybrid storage from Acronis Storage Gateway 1.x to the up-to-date Acronis Backup Gateway that is part of Acronis Storage 2.x product.

As the migration process requires time and planning you can apply the following workarounds to address the issue temporarily:

1. For Acronis Storage Gateway 1.x with local file system storage backend

For the local file system backend the retention policies are applied correctly to version 12 archive after installing the latest updates.

Follow the steps below in order to install the updates:
1. yum update acronis*
2. systemctl restart acronis-storage-mds
3. systemctl restart acronis-storage-gateway

2. For Acronis Storage Gateway 1.x with NFS backend

There is no update available to enable the retention policies support for NFS backend. You can manually opt to continue using the older version 11 archive to keep the retention policies working. For all the backup plans created on the hybrid storage manually set the archive type to legacy “version 11”.

3. For Acronis Storage Gateway 1.x with Object Storage backend (Azure, S3, Swift, etc)

No additional actions required. The retention policies do not apply to this backend type in 1.x version. You can find the specific instructions to migrate Object Storage Gateway to 2.x here. Acronis Backup Gateway 2.x supports the retention policies for Object Storage.

Please keep in mind that even if you apply one of the workarounds listed above the compatibility with future Acronis Cyber Cloud updates is not guaranteed as Acronis Storage Gateway 1.x is no longer supported.

Please refer to Acronis Storage 2.x documentation to begin planning the migration.