61225: Acronis True Image: Windows hangs at loading after installation (spinning circle)

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Operating Systems: 


    You install Acronis True Image 2018 on a Windows machine (either as a clean install or over an earlier build or version of the product). After you reboot the computer or turn it off and on again, the machine does not boot: you see the loading screen and spinning circle, but operating system does not load.


    How to proceed


    If the issue occurred after updating/upgrading Acronis True Image to a new version, and you have a system backup, created before that, use Acronis Bootable Media to restore from that backup. Click here for instructions 

    If you don't have a system backup made by Acronis True Image, you can also attempt recovery from Windows system restore point: see this page for instructions


    The issue with hanging on system boot can be caused by issues during installation, such as incorrectly installed drivers. This article explains how to perform a clean install to insure correct setup of all components and what diagnostic information to collect for further troubleshooting in case clean reinstallation does not resolve the issue.

    Further troubleshooting steps are different depending on whether you can recover the machine from a backup.