61122: Acronis Cyber Infrastructure: registering Acronis Backup Gateway under existing ID

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    Last update: 14-01-2023

    The article describes step-by-step how to register new Acronis Backup Gateway with existing ID remained from the previous installation of Acronis Backup Gateway.


    The main goal of the operations below is to create a seamless backup process for partner's backup agents. The usual scenarios: backup data on the existing/old Acronis Cyber Infrastructure backup storage is no longer needed or old storage is not available anymore but there are too many backup agents to apply the changes to them. New backups will be saved to a newly installed storage instance but it will have the same registration details as the previous installation and work as if it was the same storage.


    1. Deploying new ACI installation and provisioning backup storage

    Deploy new ACI installation with the latest ACI version available which will be used as a new backup storage following the common documentation ACI Administration Guide - Provisioning backup storage space.

    Ensure to use at least ACI 5.1 version for new instance.

    1.1 Install Acronis Cyber Infrastructure and create the storage cluster;

    1.2 Create Backup storage specifying temporal 'fake' storage address on DNS step, e.g.:

    1.3 On Acronis account step specify the credentials of the Company Administrator user of the same Partner tenant where old backup storage was registered, e.g..

    To be able to register Backup Gateway in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, two-factor authentication (2FA) should be disabled for your partner account. It is also possible to disable it for a specific user within a 2FA-enabled tenant, as described in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud documentation.

    2. Importing existing registration to backup storage

    2.1 Login into Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud under credentials of Company Administrator user of Partner tenant where old backup storage was registered;

    2.2 Go to Settings > Locations > select the issued storage and note the existing values of storage ID and Address, e.g.:

    2.3. Import previous existing registration using the following CLI command specifying ID obtained on previous step, e.g.:

    # vstorage-abgw-register register -D Registration1 -u my_partner_service_admin_user -s https://eu-cloud.acronis.com -i 7907a68a-af39-45b2-af96-d0971ec7e544


    • -D parameter is the name of the registration on ACI side, e.g. 'Registration1' or 'Registration-imported';
    • -u parameter is the username of admin user of partner tenant;
    • -s parameter is DC address;
    • -i parameter is ID of existing backup storage from ACC.

    Note: it will be required to enter credentials of user specified.

    2.4. Restart vstorage-abgw.service on all nodes included into backup gateway:

    # systemctl restart vstorage-abgw

    3. Performing additional configuration

    3.1 Ensure that old storage address domain name is pointing to the newly deployed ACI properly and verify connection to backup storage port (44445 default) using telnet or connection verification tool from some machine with backup agent which expected to perform backups to the issued storage.

    3.2 Delete unneeded 'fake' registration created on the step 3 per ACI Administrator Guide: Deleting registrations.

    More information

    Contact Acronis support in case of any issues with performing the steps or in case of issues with backups associated with the issued storage.