61074: Acronis Backup Cloud: how to enable logs of Acronis Backup module for WHMCS

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To enable logging in Acronis Backup module for WHMCS:

1. Open <WHMCS_PATH>\modules\servers\AcronisBackupService\moduleconfig.php

2. Change the value of the writeTextLog parameter from false to true.

By default, the log is saved to /var/log/acronis/acronis-backup-service.log

If writing to /var/log/acronis/ is not allowed, specify another directory in the pathToLog parameter. If the logs is still not being written, check directory permissions and add qriting permissions to the directory.

return array(
    'logApiRequests' => 0, // log requests to module log (0 - off, 1 - on, 2 - only bad requests)
    'verifyCertificates' => true, // curl should verify certificates. Use false for testing purposes if there are certificates verification problems
    'writeTextLog' => true, // write debug message to log file
    'pathToLog' => LOG_PATH . 'acronis-backup-service.log'

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