61054: Acronis Storage: how to change lost passwords

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Applies to: 

This article is intended for Acronis Storage 2.x administrators who are using Acronis Storage with Acronis Backup Cloud, Acronis Backup Advanced 12.5 or as a general-purpose storage


This article describes two scenarios:

  • How to change a lost Web Control Panel "admin" user password in case SSH password is known (or SSH connection is available using SSH key) 
  • How to change an SSH root password in case Web CP "admin" (or any other user) password is known

Case of credentials to Acronis Storage installation being lost is not covered. If you face this situation, please contact Acronis Technical support for guidance. 


Change lost Web Control Panel "admin" user password using SSH access

  1. Using SSH, connect to your Management node.

  2. Issue the following commands: 

    # source  ~vstoradmin/libexec/functions.sh
    # execute_manage_script admin --password <new_password>

    Where <new_password> is the password you would like to set to "admin" user 

    Commands should be given under user account possessing root privileges

Change root password in case Web CP "admin" password is known

1. Follow instructions in this KB article to set up SSH key authentication for your Acronis Storage.

2. Log in to the desired Acronis Storage node and change root password using the passwd command.

3. SSH key, as installed using Web CP, provides you root access to any node of Acronis Storage cluster.

4. Repeat step 2 of this instruction for each node of the cluster. 


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