60982: Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5: full backup is created on the first day of each month with "Weekly full, Daily incremental" scheme

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Last update: 02-06-2021


1. You create a backup plan with a pre-set template for schedule - "Weekly full, Daily incremental"

2. You expect to have only the set amount of full backups, but in fact each month one extra is generated on the first day of the month.


There is an issue in the product that causes creation of a FULL backup, if the backup plan is run for the first time in the month.


The issue has been fixed in Update 3 (Build 10130), please update the product to the latest build.

More information

As workaround without updating, create backup plan with a custom backup scheme.

For example, to store 2 full backups for 2 weeks and each daily backup for 14 days, adjust the settings as follows:

  1. To edit the backup plan, click on the gear icon:
  2. Then click Schedule, in the drop-down list on top of the opened wizard, select Custom scheme and adjust the settings:

  3. Click Done.
  4. In How long to keep, select: Full - two weeks or more (if need be), Incremental - 14 days (or more, if need be).

The old backups, created due to the issue would be cleaned up once the new retention rules are applied and a backup job runs.

If you have set up the backup plan with replication to the Cloud, Cloud backup, despite the fact that it is a replica from the local job, is not identical, it is of the Always incremental type, thus only daily changes are saved, adjust the settings similarly.