60930: Acronis Cyber Files: how to grant rights for an Active Directory Computer Object

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In an Active Directory domain, one can grant rights for an Active Directory computer object using the same interface as a named user account object, the only difference is that computer objects are not shown by default in the Select dialog:

You can see the default object types selected are User, Groups, and Built-in security principal.

If you click the “Object Types” button, you can check the box for computers:

Now Computers will be listed in the object types and one can enter a computer name to search for it:

and click the “Check Names” button:

Then one can grant permissions. When the principal is a computer account object, it will be displayed with a $ appended to the name, as shown here:

The principal is listed the same way in the ACL:

This grants access to the local SYSTEM and NETWORK SERVICE accounts on that computer.