60918: Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office, Acronis True Image: adding a previously created backup to the backups list

Last update: 20-12-2021


If the backup that you want to continue or restore is not displayed in the list of backups, you can always point the program to it and make it available for further operations.

(!) Due to specifics of product design, Nonstop backup cannot be added back to the list of backups if it was removed.


1. To access and/or continue a previously made backups, click the small arrow button in the left bottom corner of Acronis True Image screen and select Add existing backup:

2. The Browse dialog window opens. Navigate to the folder with backups, select the latest backup and click Add:

3. The backup should now appear in the list on the left side of the program.

It can now be browsed in the program interface, validated, restored, moved, or deleted.

To continue appending new incrementals or differentials to it, follow the rest of the steps below:

4.  To redefine backup settings, click the Reconfigure button in the right bottom corner:

5. After adjusting the settings, click OK to save them.

6. Finally, click the arrow button next to the backup name in the backups list and select Rename:

7. Delete any unwanted endings, like _inc_b34_s1_v1, leaving the backup name clean.

Note for Cloud backups:

Cloud backups appear automatically in the list as long as you are signed into your Acronis account. If you do not see them, expand the Others section of the backups list: