60833: Acronis Cyber Protect 15, Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5: Updating proxy server settings for Management Server

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Last update: 26-04-2023


Proxy settings have been changed on the machine with Acronis Management Server. After that change, connection to network components (network location, agents, Storage Node etc) fails with an error similar to 

Error code: 22 
Module: 309 
LineInfo: 0x8D165E86FB81959B 
Fields: {"CommandID":"09C910EE-4C13-445A-AE55-8C0EF5C7336E","$module":"ams_dms_vsa64_7970"} 
Message: TOL: Failed to execute the command. Dms::BackupLocation::CreateBackupLocationCommand 
Error code: 1 
Module: 583 
LineInfo: 0xCBD0886296318918 
Fields: {"requestType":"PUT","$module":"management_server_vsa64_7970","curlResult":"7","uri":"","port":"9877"} 
Message: HTTP transfer error 
Error code: 7 
Module: 550 
LineInfo: 0xCBD0886296318917 
Fields: {"$module":"management_server_vsa64_7970"} 
Message: couldn't connect to proxy at


Acronis Management Server saves proxy settings only during installation. Manual changes in Windows settings are not being monitored by Acronis Management Server. This can cause a situation when saved proxy settings are not correct anymore.  


To resolve the issue reconfigure proxy settings on the machine with Acronis Management Server manually:

1. Open Windows registry editor on the machine where Management Server is installed: go to Start -> Search -> type regedit.exe and press Enter.

2. Navigate to this key:


You will see the following values:


3. To disable Proxy set Enabled value to 0. To update proxy settings, modify Host and Port values as needed. 

4. After modifying the registry, restart Acronis Service Manager service: Start -> Search -> type services.msc and press Enter -> locate Acronis Service Manager service and click Restart.

If you are also using cloud backup, apply the same changes in the following registry key as well: 


See also User Guide: Proxy server settings.