60802: Acronis Backup 12.5: Linux components, services, and processes

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Acronis components that can be installed on a Linux machine

  • Acronis Management Server
  • Acronis Monitoring Service
  • Acronis Agent for Linux
  • Acronis Bootable Media Builder

Acronis services and processes that run a Linux machine

Service Purpose Process
Acronis Managed Machine Service Provides backup, recovery, replication, retention, validation functionality acronis_mms
Acronis Remote Agent Service Legacy service that provided connectivity between Acronis components acronis_agent
Acronis Scheduler2 Service Executes scheduled tasks on certain events acronis_schedule
Acronis Removable Storage Management Manages tape devices acronis_rsm
Acronis Management Server Service Centralized management of Acronis Agents acronis_ams
Acronis Service Manager Service Provides Acronis Managment Server services functionality acronis_asm
Acronis Web Server Responsible for running backup console acronis_web_service
Acronis ZeroMQ Gateway Service Communication between Agents and management server acronis_zmqgw
Acronis Monitoring Service Provides the dashboard and reporting functionality acronis_monitoring_service
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