60759: Acronis Backup Cloud plugin for LabTech: how to collect debug logs for LabTech plugin

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    In LabTech plugin, we support 5 logging levels:

    • None = 0,
    • Debug = 1
    • Info = 2
    • Warning = 3
    • Error = 4

    To collect debug logs.

    Latest builds of ConnectWise Automate (build 645 or newer):

    1. Navigate to Dashboard -> Config -> Integration -> Acronis Cyber Cloud -> Troubleshooting
    2. Select Debug level for logs.
    3. Based on the issue type
      • Control Center issues (UI, manual operations):
        • Restart Control Center and reproduce a problem
        • Go to the Troubleshooting tab again and click Collect data button.
      • Server-side issues (syncrhonization, Backup Manager, alerts, activities, dashboard, etc.).
        • Leave the plugin for several hours. This will ensure that all background tasks will run at least once.
        • Go to the server machine, open Control Center, open Troubleshooting tab again and click Collect data button. 
    4. Send us zip-archive with all necessary info.
    5. Revert log level back to Info.

    Older builds of ConnectWise Automate:

    1. In LabTech Control Center, click Dashboard. Navigate to Config -> Configurations -> Properties. Click Plugin_Acronis_Backup_LogLevel and set its value to 1. Click Save.
    2. Reproduce the issue.
    3. Copy all log files for the relevant period of time (from the reproducing time to the present) and compress them to an archive:
      • C:\ProgramData\LabTech Client\Logs\
      • C:\Program Files\LabTech\Logs
      • All C:\Program Files\LabTech\Logs\Plugin_AcronisLabTechPlugin.*.* files.
    4. Revert log level to "Error" (Dashboard -> Config -> Configurations -> Properties -> set Plugin_Acronis_Backup_LogLevel value to 4 and save).
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