60754: Acronis Ransomware Protection: purchasing Acronis Cloud is not available

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Last update: Fri, 2019-12-20 08:20

Acronis discontinued support for standalone anti-ransomware tool Acronis Ransomware Protection on December 19, 2019. See this page for more information.


You have exceeded 5GB of your Cloud storage and want to buy additional space, but this option is not available.


You have a subscription to Acronis Cloud for Acronis True Image in your account. Purchasing Cloud for Acronis Ransomware Protection is not available in this case. As ransomware protection is included into Acronis True Image, we recommend switching to Acronis True Image.

Alternatively, you can use another account for Acronis Ransomware Protection.

If you do not yet have any subscription to Acronis Cloud in your account and the problem still persists, report the issue at our Forum.