60660: Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5 perpetual license activation (China market)

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Last update: 01-05-2020


Activation makes sure you are using Acronis Cyber Backup in the compliance with Acronis Licensing Policy and Acronis end user license agreement (EULA) [pdf]. In most cases, one purchased Acronis Cyber Backup license key allows protection of one physical machine.

Subscription License is activated automatically once the license key is registered in Acronis Account. Upon activation, the subscription expiration date is defined and you can use the product within the subscription period. To use the subscription license in an on-premise installation, you need to synchronize the subscriptions with your Acronis Account (Settings -> Licenses -> Sync).

Perpetual Licenses have no expiration date and can be used in the product even if you don't have connection to Acronis Account. You just need to add the perpetual key in the product and assign it to a machine. A license can aslo be assigned automatically once you choose a machine and start configuring a backup plan.

One license key can be used (assigned) only to one machine.

License overuse means a license is used on more than one machine at the same license key. The overuse of license violates Acronis Licensing Policy and has to be resolved by revoking the license key from one of the machines or buying additional licenses.

To avoid perpetual license overuse (intentional or unintentional) and provide a way to check the compliance with Acronis Cyber Backup licensing, the product requires mandatory activation for perpetual license keys.


All perpetual keys added to the installed product have to be activated. Once a perpetual key is added, a 30-day grace period started.

Within this period, you can use the license key for protecting a machine. The software informs you about the necessity to activate licenses on Management Server. The license key Activation status is 'Activation required'.

When 30-day grace period ends and if the license key is still in 'Activation required' state, further backups of the machine fail.

To perform activation, go to Settings -> Licenses -> Activate. If you don't have internet connection, the software suggests performing an offline activation from another machine where Internet connection is available. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Activation statuses


A license key has this status when it is used on one machine only and is successfully activated.

Activation required

When a license key is added to a Management Server, but has not been activated on any machine yet, the key has the Activation required status. Within 30-day period, this key can be assigned to a machine can be used for backup without activation. After 30 days without activation, backups of the machine start failing.

Already used

This status means that this key is already used/assigned on a machine registered in another Management Server. The status warns user not to assign an already used key to another machine. We recommend to delete the key from one of the Management Servers to avoid unintentional license overuse due to automatic license assignment during backup.


This status appears for the key used/assigned to a machine while the same key is also used/assigned on a machine on another Management Server. Such license keys usage violates our licensing policy. We kindly recommend to revoke the key from one of the machines and repeat activation procedure or buy more licenses.

Backups of machines with assigned keys in this status will fail.


A license key can be marked as blacklisted by Acronis or Acronis partner. In most cases these keys have been stolen from customers, appeared on the pirate resources, torrents etc.

If the key status changed to blacklisted, please contact the seller where you purchased the license. The blacklisted license keys cannot be used for backup.