60648: Acronis Backup 11.7: changing service user's password

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During installation, you can choose between automatically created users for Acronis services or existing users that you can specify manually. The password for every service accounts is generated automatically.

If changing password for a service user will be required later, do not select automatically created users, but specify existing users. Later, when you need to change this user's password, you can log in as this user and change its password.

If you reset the automatically created password of a service user, you may encounter these issues:

  • Acronis Windows Agent for ESX(i) loses access to vCenter/ESX
  • Acronis Management Server loses vCenter integration
  • Acronis Storage Node loses access to vaults on network shares
  • you cannot change user for Acronis services (and receive a "Key not valid for use in specified state" error)

To resolve this issue, you need to do the following:

  1. Close Acronis Backup.
  2. Open Windows registry.
  3. Navigate to HKEY_USERS
  4. Find the key with Software/Acronis/Credstorage inside.
  6. Export this key, and then remove it.
  7. Open Acronis Backup. Connect to Acronis Agent and re-add vCenter, connect to Acronis Management Server and reactivate integration, reattach vault to Acronis Storage Node.