60643: Acronis Snap Deploy 5: how to manually collect system information under bootable media

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Last update: 27-05-2019

The Acronis System Report tool collects information about a machine and saves this information to a file.

You can collect system information from the product interface, however, do the following if you need to collect it manually under bootable media:

  1. Boot the machine with Acronis bootable media and select Acronis Snap Deploy 5 Standalone Utility.
  2. Press Ctrl+Shift+F2.
  3. Shell opens. In shell, execute:
  4. Once the report is collected, note the filename and its location.
  5. Execute:
  6. Download WinSCP utility.
  7. With the utility, connect to the machine that is booted with Acronis bootable media. Use its IP address (displayed after the commands executed at step 5). Login is root. Password is root.
  8. Find the system information file and download it to your machine.