60620: Acronis True Image 2018: backup cannot be started, pauses, or fails with the "Check your Internet connection" error

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In Acronis True Image, you have a backup task of your computer or some files. The backup should be saved in Acronis Cloud.

You try to start the backup task, but it does not start. Or the backup task pauses or fails. You see this error message:

Check your Internet connection.


The software cannot connect to Acronis Cloud. Usually, this error indicates an issue with Internet access.

To resolve the issue, do the following:

  1. In any browser, try to open 1-2 websites. If you cannot open any website, the is no connection to the Internet on your device. As standard troubleshooting, reconnect to the network on the affected computer. If it does not help, reboot your router. Contact your Internet provider, if none of the suggesions helped to resolve the issue.
  2. If the Internet connection works in general, make sure that TCP ports 443 and 8443 are open (Acronis True Image connects to Acronis Cloud through these ports). We have a tool that can check all the required connections to your data center. See this article for details. The results of the verification will be displayed on your screen. Read these messages; should an error be detected, you will see a message with troubleshooting instructions.

If you have checked all the solutions above and the issue still persists, please contact Acronis Customer Central. We will assist you with this issue.

To successfully troubleshoot the issue, we need to check some information. Please have this information on hand:

  • Acronis system information
  • screenshot of the verification tool output
  • screenshot of Acronis True Image window with the error message