60619: Acronis True Image 2018: retention rules in Nonstop backup to Cloud

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Acronis Nonstop Backup provides easy protection of your disks and files. It allows you to recover entire disks, individual files and their different versions. You can save backups either in a local folder (on your computer or on another computer/external drive/NAS) or in Acronis Cloud. Nonstop backup to Acronis Cloud is available only for files and folders.

This article explaines how long the backups in Cloud are kept. Starting with Update 2, retention rules scheme has been changed for Nonstop backup to Cloud from version-based to calendar-based.

Acronis True Image keeps:

  • all backups from the last hour
  • 1st backup for every hour from the last day
  • 1st backup for every day from the last week
  • 1st backup for every week from the last month
  • 1st backup for every month until all Nonstop backup data destination space is used

Monthly backups are not deleted automatically and should be removed manually through Acronis Cloud web interface. Open https://trueimage.acronis.com/, sign into your account if prompted, click "Recover" next to the backup to access the web interface of Acronis Cloud. Move the mouse over the backup in question, click the Gear icon and select Cleanup option to access the cleanup options.