60603: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud for Plesk: how to recover a backed up server to a new one

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Last update: 18-11-2022


You have been backing up your Plesk servers with Acronis Backup for Plesk.

The server was lost and you want to recover it from the backup. You have set up a new Plesk server and configured the Acronis Backup for Plesk extension. Now you need to restore the backed up server to this new one.


You can recover your previous backup to the new machine.

  1. Open Cyber Protection console: log in to the Plesk UI as admin; in the left menu of the Plesk UI, select Acronis Backup and click the link to Cyber Protection console.
  2. In Cyber Protection console, navigate to Devices -> All devices and select the backed up machine.
  3. Click Recovery:
  4. Click Select machine:
  5. Select your new machine:
    All data on the new machine will be overwritten with the backed up data.

  6. Click Recover and select Entire machine:
  7. Once the disks are mapped, review mapping and start recovery.