60522: Acronis True Image 2018: Windows services and processes

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    Last update: 03-02-2020

     Acronis True Image services:

    Service name Process Purpose
    Acronis Managed Machine Service Mini mms_mini.exe Communicates with Online Dashboard
    Acronis Nonstop Backup Service afcdpsrv.exe Performs Nonstop Backup for partitions 
    Acronis Scheduler2 Service schedul2.exe Manages scheduled tasks
    schedhlp.exe Monitors Scheduler2 service and restarts it if needed
    Acronis Sync Agent Service syncagentsrv.exe Performs Synchronization
    Acronis Mobile Backup Server mobile_backup_server.exe Performs mobile backup to local computer
    Acronis Mobile Backup Status Server mobile_backup_status_server.exe Shows mobile backup statuses, communicates with product interface and tray monitor
    Acronis Active Protection Service anti_ransomware_service.exe Protects computer against ransomware
    Acronis Drive acronis_drive.exe Mounts archives (Archiving feature)


    The following processes in Windows Task Manager also belong to Acronis True Image:

    Process name Purpose
    TrueImage.exe Program User Interface
    TrueImageMonitor.exe Displays tray notifications about the task status and allows user interaction
    TrueImageHomeService.exe Executes main operations: backup, restore, validation, etc
    TrueImageHomeNotify.exe Sends e-mails with task results if Send e-mail notification about the operation state option is selected in Backup Options
    trueimagetools.exe Executes operations listed on Tools&Utilities page: Startup Recovery Manager, Rescue Media Builder, Secure Zone, Boot Sequence Manager, Mount/Unmount Image, Clone Disk, Add New Disk, Convert to/from Windows Backup, Drive Cleanser, File Shredder, System Clean-up, Try & Decide
    mediabuilder.exe Builds Acronis Bootable Rescue Media
    cdrecord.exe Burns CD/DVD (both Acronis Bootable Rescue Media and CD/DVD with backup)
    autopart.exe Executes operations with Acronis Secure Zone (creation, resize, etc)
    uninstall.exe Executes during product uninstall
    TibMounterMonitor.exe Mounts .tib files

     Acronis True Image uses Bonjour Service (mDNSResponder.exe) for automatic detection of mobile devices and NAS devices.