60499: Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud v1.0: how to deploy and configure Disaster Recovery VPN Appliance

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Last update: Fri, 2020-05-29 17:04

This article is intended for Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud 1.0 users. Product documentation for the current version is here.

This article describes step-by-step the process of deploying Acronis Disaster Recovery 1.0 VPN appliance and basic troubleshooting steps. 


1. In Acronis Backup Management console, navigate to Devices -> Cloud recovery site:

2. Download either VMWare .ovf template or .vhd file for Hyper-V and deploy it to your environment.



3. Open VMWare/Hyper-V console of the Acronis VPN appliance VM and observe the boot process. Appliance will be rebooted once during the initial setup process. After a reboot, a prompt for credentials will appear.

4. Once the appliance boots up and the login prompt appears, log in to the appliance with the following credentials:

Login: admin
Password: admin

If there is a DCHP server in your network, you should see start page similar to the following:

Make sure IP address, Default gateway and Preferred DNS server settings are in place and correct. Note Internet, Routing and Gateway lines on the left side of the table. For a successful Appliance registration, all three lines should state Available. Otherwise, please check your Default gateway and DNS availability and settings before proceeding with registration or set IP address manually.

5. Choose Register from the menu and press Enter.

6. You will be prompted to enter a Backup service address. Enter the same address you are using to access Acronis Backup Cloud management console. In most cases, it will be cloud.acronis.com

7. Enter your login and password for Acronis Backup Cloud.

Press Y to confirm the settings and start registration process.

8. After a successful registration process you will see your VPN appliance in Acronis Backup management console. In order to connect VPN click the gear iсon in top-right corner of the Appliance's box and choose Connect in drop-down menu.

9. Observe established connection and verify it with Test Connection button

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Currently, there are no issues known with the Acronis VPN Appliance deployment process. Carefully following the steps in this article should result in successful installation.

This section will be expanded with known solutions, if any issues will be found in future.

In case you have faced an issue with deploying or connecting Acronis VPN appliance, please contact Acronis Customer Central.

Please send the following information with your email:

- Screenshots of the error messages (if there are any)

- Screenshot of the Acronis VPN Appliance CLI interface

- Your Acronis Backup Cloud data center and group name.