60480: Acronis Backup 12.5 and Acronis Backup Cloud: how to configure additional network in Agent for VMware (Virtual Appliance)

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If you want to separate the backup traffic in your network, you can add an additional virtual network card and configure it from Agent for VMware (Virtual Appliance) console opened in vSphere client. To properly utilize the newly added network, you need to set the network backup location path that belongs to this network (e.g. make sure you set proper IP address for the backup location).

  1. In vSphere, client, add a new virtual NIC to the Virtual Appliance: right-click the Virtual Appliance -> Edit settings -> Add NIC. Select vmxnet3 type and connect it to the corresponding virtual network.
  2. Configure the NIC IP settings in the Appliance console GUI:
  3. In Acronis Backup management console, find the backup plan you want to adjust. In Where to back up, specify the backup location using its IP address in the desired network.
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