60428: Acronis Backup 11.7: backup fails with "The task ID is invalid"

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Backup fails with:

Error code: 71
Modules: 9
Line Info: d6e6b1a4069ca4ac
Fields: $ module: mms_vs_43956
Message: Immediate execution failed: error in listing the tasks.
Error code: 10
Modules: 9
Line Info: f1da2492f6aba529
Fields: $ module: mms_vs_43956
Message: Convert Failed: The task ID is invalid.


An old deleted backup task remains registered in scheduler and tries to run.

Scheduler is running under another user.

The taskzap command has been used incorrectly.


  1. Make sure Acronis Scheduler service runs from Local System.
  2. Export all backup plans.
  3. Delete all backup plans.
  4. Run task zap as described here.
  5. Import all backup plans.
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