60276: Acronis Backup Cloud: how to continue backing up to an existing archive with a new backup plan

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    • Developers have suggested Customer to re-create a backup plan as a solution for an issue.
    • Customer has deleted a backup plan accidentally.


    Step 1: Find the name of the old archive

    1. In the backup management console, navigate to Backups.

    2. Click the backup to select it.

    3. Click Details.

    4. In Backup file name, note Plan ID.

    Archive name consists of 3 parameters:
    [Machine Name]-[Plan ID]-[Unique ID]A

    For example, in "archiveName":"Server-60666850-EAAA-4E09-AAB1-3B73C1C09B1E-6DFBBE2A-BBF5-4000-A777-446505AC77CEA" Plan ID is 60666850-EAAA-4E09-AAB1-3B73C1C09B1E.

    Step 2: Create a new backup plan

    In the backup management console, create a new backup plan with desired parameters. Please note that backup format should match backup format in the old plan.

    Step 3: Get json with the backup plans

    1. Open the backup management console.

    2. Change the URL to https://<your-dc>.acronis.com/bc/api/ams/backup/plans

    3. Copy the contents and paste it into an editor.

    JSON Viewer and TextFX plugins for Notepad++ simplify editing json files.

    Here are all the backup plans created in the specified account. Under "data", each backup plan is listed in curly brackes { }. Select all the data related to the backup plan you want to edit (select the opening { bracket and scroll to the corresponding closing bracket or click TextFX -> TextFX Quick -> Mark to matching) and copy it to a new document.

    4. Find the backup plan in which you want to change the archive name. Find the archiveName parameter and change Plan ID to the Plan ID inoted in Step 1.6:

    5. Delete the following strings (highlighted):

    5. For a backup plan with encryption, specify the password in the archiveProtection section:

    Step 4: Replace the json file with the updated version

    1. Download this archive-name script and unpack it.

    2. In an editor, open run.bat and:

    1. In “eu2-cloud.acronis.com” replace the data center ID with the ID of your datacenter, for example, "us" or "ru2" etc. To get datacenter URL, log in to management console and look at the address bar:
    2. Set username and password of the user with administrator rights for the customer group.
    3. Set group identifier where backup plans should be created. Group identifier can be obtained programmatically using REST API or manually using browser:
      1. Drill-down to the necessary group.
      2. In the browser address bar you will see group identifier:

    3. Into the Plans folder, place the .json file edited in step 3.

    4. Start the run.bat file.