60258: Acronis Backup Advanced for vCloud: attempt to log in to vCDA fails with "Credentials are incorrect" error if you have vCloud Director v 8.2

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Last update: 19-02-2018


You have Acronis Backup Advanced for vCloud set up in your environment.

You update vCloud Director to version 8.2.

After update, you cannot log in to the vCDA web interface. The error message says "Credentials are incorrect".


In vCloud Director version 8.2, TLSv1.0 protocol is disabled by default, but Acronis Backup Advanced for vCloud uses TSLv1.0.


Support for vCloud Director 8.2 has been implemented in Update 7 (build 50256/715), please update to the latest build.

To work around the issue without updating, you need to re-enable TLSv1.0 support in vCloud Director's settings.

1. On the vCD machine, include TLSv1 to the list of the allowed SSL protocols by issuing this command:
./cell-management-tool ssl-protocols -d SSLv3,SSLv2Hello

2. Check the result by issuing this command:
./cell-management-tool ssl-protocols -l

The output should list TLSv1 among others:
Allowed SSL protocols:

3. Restart vCloud Director.