60246: Acronis Disaster Recovery Service: how to set up Automatic test activation

Last update: 07-09-2017

If you would like to perform automatic server activation, follow this procedure.

This feature does not check if the server is bootable. It only checks and confirms that the archive is not corrupted and the VM can be built from it. So it is strongly recommended testing your servers within or behind the test DR zone to make sure you are ready for a DR event.
  1. Log in to https://dr.acronis.com
  2. Navigate to the Servers section: https://dr.acronis.com/servers
  3. Open the server you need to enable the feature for, click the pencil icon (Edit).
  4. Select the Automatic test activation check box:
  5. Click Save.

This server will be automatically activated during your test week of the corresponding server zone, see the Zone column in the Servers section: https://dr.acronis.com/servers

It is activated in the test network so it will not impact your production network.

You can always check the current zone in the upper corner of the Acronis Recovery Console page:

If you click the "Zone <number>" hyperlink, you can review the whole schedule. Each zone repeats every 8 weeks.

After your testing week is completed, you may check the automatic test activation report in the Admin -> Reports section: https://dr.acronis.com/report/test_activation