60243: Acronis Disaster Recovery Service: how to create a new Acronis Recovery Console user

Last update: 07-09-2017

To create a user, do the following:

  1. Log in to https://dr.acronis.com
  2. Navigate to Admin -> My account:
  3. Navigate to the Users section and click Create:
  4. Fill the parameters and specify a password (the user can change it later). In Access, select a role (Admin/User). Select the Send email check box to send an activation email to the user. Then click Save.

Available permissions for Admin/User roles

Description Admin Rights User Rights
View list of users for account yes no
Add/Edit/Delete user yes no
Account DR Event manage yes no
My account edit yes no
My Alerts yes yes
Storage report yes yes
Certification Report yes no
Test Activation Report yes no
Runbooks: List/Create/Modify/Delete yes no
Replication Health Alert manage yes no
List/Manage alerts/events yes yes
Manage Primary Server yes no
DR/Acronis Server: Activate/Configure/Edit RPO/Promote yes yes
DR/Acronis Server: External IP manage yes no