60241: Acronis Backup: Backup of SQL instance fails with "There are no SQL writers"

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You have installed Acronis Backup Cloud agent for SQL and created a backup plan for a SQL instance.

Backup task fails with this error:

| error 0x1350016: TOL: Failed to execute the command. Backing up
| line: 0x8d165e86fb819595
| file: k:\3539\enterprise\common\tol\command\command.cpp:455
| function: Tol::`anonymous-namespace'::MakeFailResult
| CommandID: 8F01AC13-F59E-4851-9204-DE1FD77E36B4
| $module: gtob_backup_command_addon_vsa64_3539
| error 0x26f0067: A generic error of Microsoft SQL backup component.
| line: 0x94f5f955b13dde82
| file: k:\3539\enterprise\applications\managers\gtob\backuper.cpp:190
| function: `anonymous-namespace'::ApplicationBackupProcess::Execute
| IsReturnCode: 0x1
| $module: ArsAgentProvider_vsa64_3539
| error 0x57010f: Failed to back up Microsoft SQL Server.
| line: 0x7f9e79f979cfc145
| file: k:\3539\enterprise\applications\mssql\managers\gtob\backuper\src\backuper_utils.cpp:151
| function: MsSqlBackup::BackupSqlServer
| IsReturnCode: 0x1
| $module: ArsAgentProvider_vsa64_3539
| error 0x57170a: There are no SQL writers.
| line: 0x86f55a36047e9a1e
| file: k:\3539\enterprise\applications\mssql\common\src\diagnostics\sql_writers_validator.cpp:39
| function: `anonymous-namespace'::SqlWritersValidator::Validate
| IsReturnCode: 0x1
| $module: ArsAgentProvider_vsa64_3539


In general, such errors are indicating the lack of security permissions for the account which the SQL Instance is running under.


Solution 1

Check that the user account is added to SQL Server security logins and that it has the "sysadmin" role for the SQL instance:

  1. Using SQL Management Studio, connect to the SQL instance.
  2. Go to Security -> Logins.
  3. Open account properties and switch to Server Roles:
  4. Mark the sysadmin check box:

Solution 2

On a domain controller, for example an SBS server, you might see that SqlServerWriter is not listed in the output of the vssadmin list writers command. In this case, change SQL VSS Writer Service user from Local System to domain administrator.

More information

If the above solution does not help, use Acronis VSS Doctor for further troubleshooting.

For assistance, please contact Acronis Customer Central.


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