60190: Acronis True Image 2019 and 2018: how to disable Active Protection in Windows

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There may be rare cases when you will want to disable Active Protection. It does not interfere or compete for computer resources with other security software and you do not need to disable it for that. But if you are troubleshooting an issue with Acronis True Image and need to make changes to Acronis configuration files or registry settings, enabled Active Protection will not allow that. In such case follow the steps below to disable it temporarily. When you are done, do not forget to enable Active Protection back.


It is also possible to disable only the self-defence feature that protects Acronis True Image files and settings, or turn off Active Protection completely.

Disabling the self-defence feature

Launch Acronis True Image, click the Active Protection tab, and then click Active Protetion settings in the right bottom corner of the window:

Clear the Protect Acronis True Image files from ransomware check box:

Turning off Active Protection completely

Active Protection can be disabled either from the tray icon menu or from Acronis True Image interface.

Method 1. Right-click the tray icon and select Turn off Acronis Active Protection:

Confirm the operation by clicking Turn off:

Grey shield icon in they notification area indicates that Active Protection is not active:

Method 2. Alternatively, launch Acronis True Image, click the Active Protection tab, and turn the toggle to disable Acronis Active Protection:


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