60166: Acronis True Image: "An error occurred either during connection or on the server" when reconfiguring a Cloud backup

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  1. You have a backup stored in Acronis Cloud.
  2. Acronis True Image is installed on a new computer or re-installed on the same computer.
  3. When you click the Reconfigure button, a notification message appears, saying "An error occurred either during connection or on the server. Check your Internet connection, or try to sign out, restart the program and sign in again"
  4. You try the suggested solutions and Internet connection looks fine, restarting the program and signing out & signing in to Acronis account does not help either.


If it is the first time you try to access a backup after the program has been (re)installed, the error message may occur while the program is synchronizing the Cloud backup's metadata in background. It may take up to an hour for big backups and slower Internet connections. That internal task is run just once after the program is (re)installed and does not have any progress bar or indicator, except that during the initial metadata synchronization Cloud backups are unavailable in the program.

Local backups are not affected and are fully accessible during that period.


Leave the program's window opened for an hour. You can minimize it to the task bar (but not to the system tray though), do not close it. If you cannot wait that long and need to recover a file or folder, use the web interface for that.

Click Reconfigure again after one hour.

If the problem persists, contact Acronis Customer Central for further troubleshooting.


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